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Student Standouts: 3.10.21

anna ruvinov of whitfield school

While Anna Ruvinov’s academic interests may lean more toward the sciences, she understands the importance of creative expression. As a member of her school’s art and literacy magazine The Secret Voice, the Whitfield senior helps other students share their artistic endeavors, and she brings her own talents to the school’s choir.

How did you get involved with The Secret Voice?
It’s kind of like a yearbook for the creative things Whitfield students are doing. People submit poems, short stories, photos and drawings, we review them, and the magazine comes out at the end of the year. I got involved when I was a sophomore because I was interested in seeing what my classmates were working on. I get to see how other students express themselves, which is really cool.

What do you like about art?
Personally, it’s a hobby that I use to calm down after a stressful day. It’s really fun. I also enjoy music. I’ve been in my school’s choir since sixth grade. Singing with everyone has helped me come out of my shell. When I started, I didn’t consider trying for solos, but now, I’ve had a few. I’ve also been part of the Metro District 8 All-District Choir.

What do you plan on studying in college?
I’m basically 100% sure I want to go into medicine. Science has always interested me, especially biology. Ever since I was young, I’ve looked up to doctors. I think they are heroes in their own way. I’ve never really had any doubts about pursuing it, so I’m excited to go to college and study something I’m passionate about.

How has the school year been?
It’s been unique, especially since Whitfield has a hybrid program. I go in-person for two weeks and am then online for one. I enjoy having the mix. There are definite benefits to being virtual, but you can get tired of it. I like going back and seeing everybody. It’s certainly been different than last year. We have to wear masks and sanitize the desks. Everyone has been taking the situation seriously and doing a good job. It’s certainly more difficult than usual, but people can handle it for the most part.

You’ve been volunteering online during the pandemic.
I had planned on volunteering at a hospital, but that wasn’t possible due to the current situation. I went online to look for opportunities, specifically ones that were targeted toward science and my interests. I found a few different things. I’ve done data entry and written science-related articles for kids to be posted online. I also did some virtual tutoring for elementary students. Everything has been very rewarding, and it’s been a nice way to shake things up while social distancing. These virtual opportunities are not just in St. Louis, so I’ve gotten a look at things in a different way.


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