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Complex Care: SLUCare Physician Group

“We are working in high-value real estate that impacts significant functions, including speaking, swallowing and breathing, as well as appearance,” says

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Fall Beauty

Summer is a lot harder on our bodies than we realize. All that time outdoors means too much sun (a notorious skin-ager) and

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Senior Health

You know what they say: It’s a bear getting old, but it beats the alternative. And if you really want

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Your Body, Your Health

It isn’t just the aesthetics of aging that make every decade a little more challenging; it’s the niggling aches and pains. When it

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Men’s Health

Keeping men healthy is a little like getting directions to an unfamiliar destination: If a guy gets lucky and finds

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Spring into Beauty

Enough of hibernating in our homes under layers of fleece. Spring is ready to emerge, but are we? Warm-weather clothes tempt us to

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Health: Facing Facts

People say You’re only as old as you feel. Nowhere is that truer than among the boomer generation, which coined

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Health Resolutions

Each New Year’s Day provides a tangible starting line for personal improvements that almost always include better care and maintenance

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