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The Insider: 1.22.20

Karlie Kloss, Supermodel of the World (with apologies to RuPaul), shows off the Blues jersey she got when she and her NYC entourage swung through The Lou last month to help launch the new season of Project Runway. They hosted a screening at The Last Hotel downtown, but first they hung out with resident fashionistas at Saint Louis Fashion Fund and visited Ted Drewes, Imo’s, Kloss’ childhood home in Webster Groves and WGHS, from which she graduated in 2011. Meanwhile, the StL is renaming a section of Washington Avenue Karlie Kloss Way!

BalkanTreat Box Cevapi
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Once again, St. Louis food is making national news! Out of only 100 spots chosen nationwide by the Food Network for its list of Best Sandwiches in America, six can be found right here in the Lou: Hot Salami at Gioia’s Deli, Smoked Trout Salad Sandwich at Union Loafers Cafe, Ćevapi at Balkan Treat Box, Croissant Breakfast Sandwich at Nathaniel Reid Bakery, Fried Brain at Schottzie’s Bar and Grill, and the St. Paul at Mai Lee.

It’s time to say bye to an old friend. After 91 years in business, Ladue Market is closing up shop. The small specialty market at Clayton and South Price roads has been staffed by the same family for five generations and can’t compete with larger chains. It will remain open until inventory runs out, selling most everything at a discount except fresh meat.

We’re supposed to have a ‘refreshed and renewed’ mindset this time of year, right? If you need help with that, head to The Spa at Four Seasons. I can personally attest to the peaceful perfection of Ch’i, a NEW, 80-minute treatment of traditional Tibetan-inspired therapies and sound healing. (You might have read about the popularity of sound baths in our Trend Report from L.A.!) Every single element, from the yogic breathing, foot soak and tea to the singing bowls, massage and warming oils, works together to restore energy and vitality.