Join us on a captivating home tour through Cabo San Lucas, where Nicole Hollis seamlessly blends indigenous materials and textures to create a monochrome palette punctuated by pops of earthy colors. Hollis has created a true sanctuary, where art, nature and design harmoniously coexist. It is a testament to her unique approach to design, where every element is carefully considered and curated to create a space that is not only visually stunning but also deeply connected to its surroundings.

Open Oasis
The open-concept living space seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living, with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that frame breathtaking views of the ocean. A large sectional sofa invites you to sink in and relax, while a statement piece of artwork adds a pop of color and intrigue. This open feeling flows into the primary bath, where a stunning statement bathtub sits under a large window to offer a relaxing soak alongside a gorgeous view.

Blending Beauty and Nature
Moving into the kitchen, you are greeted with clean lines, a bold patterned backsplash and a spacious island creating a functional and stylish design. Natural materials such as wood and stone add warmth and texture, while two pendant lights hang above, casting a soft glow over the room.

Primary Sanctuary
The primary suite exudes luxury and comfort, with a plush bed adorned with crisp white linens and a panoramic view of the ocean. Designed as private sanctuaries, each bedroom offers its own unique character.

Art, Architecture and Authenticity
Throughout the home, Hollis has incorporated elements of Mexican art and culture, paying homage to the rich heritage of the region. Vibrant textiles, handcrafted pottery and intricate woodwork add layers of authenticity and create a sense of place.

Serenity by the Sea
Outside, the home seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. A spacious terrace with organic modern seating areas provides the perfect spot to soak up the sun during the day or enjoy breathtaking sunsets in the evening. A private infinity pool appears to merge with the ocean, creating a sense of serenity.

Design: Nicole Hollis | Photo: Douglas Friedman | Construction: Tribe Managements

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