Beautiful sunsets over a lake, crystal water for swimming and boating, and a calm silence that leaves behind the stresses of city life. This pastoral scene may seem too good to be true for city folks, but it can be found just 50 miles from St. Louis in Innsbrook, where Dave and Suzanne Baetz built their dream home 14 years ago on the community’s largest lake.

The couple previously lived in Webster Groves, where they raised their four children. They still own an apartment there, but wanted an escape on the water when Dave sold his company and retired. “We picked Innsbrook over the Carolinas or Florida because it has had the same developer for decades, and often communities elsewhere go through multiple developers,” Suzanne explains. They built the large, four-bedroom home over three lots on a peninsula, and she says everything is top-notch. “We already owned a chalet here, so we stayed there for a couple of years while the house was being built,” she explains. “I was here every day checking on things during the process.”

The property features ponds with a running creek, a garden and 180-degree views of the lake, which Suzanne says is perfect for swimming. “Our 11 grandkids are here often, and I feel very comfortable letting them swim in the water,” she says. “The water is filtered from two other lakes, and you can almost see your feet because it’s so clear!” The couple take full advantage of their waterfront property. “We have two kayaks, two pontoon boats, a paddleboard and canoe,” she says. “We go on wine cruises every night and meet up with other boats on the water and then come back here for the gorgeous sunsets.” They both love the absence of noise and activity. Dave adds that the only reason to be inside is if it’s raining. “Being outdoors is what it’s all about,” he says. However, the house offers every amenity, once you do go indoors: an expansive kitchen with professional appliances, media room, extensive gym, and a large, screened-in porch.

Suzanne’s favorite spot is the master bedroom with a large picture window that looks out onto the water. “We have access to our hot tub and an outdoor porch, and we always read the morning paper by the big window,” she says. There’s plenty of room to entertain in the 6,300-square-foot space, and the couple frequently filled the house, whether with family or guests for various benefits. “We’ve held concerts in our living room for the Innsbrook Institute,” Suzanne says. And being so close to St. Louis, they come in to town every couple of weeks to go to the symphony, theater or art museum. “We always notice the low roar of traffic when we stay in St. Louis,” Dave notes. “Here at the lake, we just listen to the sounds of birds, frogs and noisy critters.”

listing price | $2,750,000
listing agent | katherine wienstroer of dielmann sotheby’s international realty

Photos: Tom Chlebowski