Tudor Redo

Dear Homework,

We recently moved into this Tudor-style home in a lovely neighborhood. Thankfully, it has many interior updates, which allows us to focus on some exterior tweaks. While we can’t put our finger on it, we feel that the entrance could pop a bit more than it does now. What do you think? Any suggestions?

—Tudor Redo

Dear Tudor Redo,

I think you would have a very nice-looking house if you could actually see it. Unfortunately, a major shade tree is located in the wrong place to deliver a great presentation. As you can see, after I remove it, several interesting architectural elements are revealed and very little needs to be done to pull everything together.

You will note that I have built an arrival terrace that you enter through brick and stone piers, which support an arched, iron lantern structure. Brick and stone retaining walls on either side support a formal garden of evergreen hedges and flower beds.

A new shade tree is placed to the right of the façade. It is connected to the other shade tree by a sweeping arch of groundcover, which underscores and unites the entire composition and integrates the entry walk with the driveway on the left.

The charm and detail of the façade now can be seen, and the new arrival terrace and landscape refinements make the whole image seem quite powerful. It’s hard to cut down a beautiful tree, but sometimes it just has to be done.

Thanks for asking,

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