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The real estate team has more than two decades of combined experience connecting home buyers and sellers.  According to Wayne Norwood, it’s important to view a transaction objectively, no matter which side you are on. It improves communication and results in a successful experience for all, he says.

What is one piece of advice you would give sellers?
wayne norwood | Once your house is listed for sale in the MLS, take the emotion out of it. Understand that this is purely a business transaction, intended to attract a customer. In many ways, your house is no longer yours, but the public’s. Make the necessary changes to appeal to the best and broadest audience.

What is one piece of advice you would give buyers?
Remember, people should be able to enjoy living in their own space, and you might not agree with their style choices. When it is yours, you can change anything you wish or even demolish it. Criticism does not help an owner or leave the world a better place. And when making an offer, do the very best you can, both in dollars and contract terms. You will achieve the results you want most of the time.

What attracts buyers to a property the most?
Janet McAfee recently conducted a survey of the top 20 considerations for home buyers. Even after the housing crash and recession, location and value for the price are still the most important criteria for buyers (and agents!).

What areas are up-and-coming?
That’s a trick question, like “What is Baskin Robbins’ best flavor?” The reality of the market is that it is ever-evolving, with shifting preferences. Communities that strive to stay relevant and vibrant are destined to be the big winners. That can mean improving current amenities, attracting new audiences of residents, or fostering relationships with businesses that add value or newness to the equation.

What has been your most memorable experience in real estate?
Making my very first sale when I was new in the business. I was on phone duty at the office, answering calls that came in, and the first client ended up buying a multimillion-dollar house.