Abracadabra! A favorite place for kids to tap into their inner creativity is having its 35th birthday party Sept. 27. Put on your favorite party attire and head to The Magic House for its Big Birthday Bash. Hosted by the Friends Committee, co-chairs are Randy Costas and Melissa Swank. Proceeds from the annual fundraising gala go to providing 35,000 underserved children with free educational programs.

The Magic House is a not-for-profit participatory museum dedicated to engaging all children in hands-on learning experiences. It encourages experimentation, creativity and the development of problem-solving skills within a place of beauty, wonder, joy and magic.

And now…what to wear? No strict rules for this function. Creativity is certainly in line with the mission here, so play on the theme colors of bright blue, deep navy and lime green. My suggestion for women is to wear bright, colorful party dresses. For the guys? Express yourself with a print shirt or a sport coat and unique tie. Leave the tux at home.

For more information on The Magic House, go to magichouse.org.

Pictured: Shirt from Sand, Saks.com