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What’s in Your Attic?

the treasure〉〉 Wedgwood cream pitcher

the story 〉〉 My husband received this Wedgwood creamer from his grandmother. I’m assuming it was part of a set. Inside the small pitcher was a note indicating she had bought it years ago at an antique shop, and it had a ‘high monetary value.’ I know the piece is well over 50 years old, but I have no idea if it’s worth anything other than the memories it holds.

what the professionals say〉〉 Wedgwood is one of the most popular names in decorative table items. Since the mid-18th century, the Wedgwood Company has featured works in palaces and museums across the world, showcasing the ingenuity and aesthetic sensibility of English craftsmen. This charming little cream pitcher features a Roman motif of women and cherubs, or putti, and it bears the stamps ‘Wedgwood’ and ‘England,’ dating the item to around the year 1900.

value 〉〉 Wedgwood is still sought after by many in the decorative arts world. The deep blue color of this piece is highly prized among jasperware collectors. One could find an item like this in a fine antique shop with a price tag ranging from $100 to $200.

This month’s experts: Owner Debra Williams and manager Geoff Garrett of Charterhouse

Photo: Bill Barrett