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Daily Skin Care Routines

We put our faces through a lot. We clog pores with makeup, scrunch and stretch it with smiles and frowns, and expose it to wind, sun and pollutants. It all makes taking proper care of your skin super important. We asked local women—with busy family and work schedules—about their skin care routines.

In the morning, I use Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil Eliminating Astringent as a cleanser. To moisturize, I use Hydratone Skin Ageless Serum and Hydratone Skin Eye Cream. Clearasil Hydra-Blast Oil Free Pads stay in my backpack, and I use them once daily after my workouts. For my night skin care routine, I use Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub and Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover. Three times a week, I also use Bioré Charcoal Bar to clean my face. I use the same moisturizers at night as in the morning. Once a month, I also use CVS Pharmacy’s Acne Spot Treatment, an over-the-counter salicylic acid medication that visibly reduces acne.
chelsey greenwood
personal trainer and group exercise instructor at the j

In the morning, I use Eminence Bright Skin Cleanser because of my dark spots. It smells wonderful and makes my skin feel amazing. A few times a week, I follow it with Eminence Stone Crop Fizzofoliant for light exfoliation. I then apply Stone Crop Toner and Cellese AnteAGE duo, which encourages cell turnover to repair sun damage and acne scars with stem growth factors and cytokines. The science behind this is awesome! Next is Revision Vitamin C Lotion 30%, one of the strongest concentrations available to help brighten and smooth. I also use Revision D.E.J. eye cream. I finish with Phytomer Hydra Original Moisturizer and Revision’s Intellishade Matte for SPF. Besides the SPF, the moisturizer has antioxidants and peptides to reduce fine lines and tighten pores. Most days, this is the only makeup I need! At night, I precleanse with Eminence Stone Crop Cleansing Oil, followed by my morning cleanser. I also use the same toner and either Revision’s Retinol Complete or Cellese AnteAGE duo. I moisturize with Phytomer Hydra Original. Once or twice a week, I steam and apply a facial masque like the Eminence Bright Skin masque. I look for well-sourced products with proven efficacy. I search product reviews and use a sample or trial size before I go all in. And consulting with an aesthetician is incredibly beneficial.
brooke coward, retail coordinator at palm health

My skin care regimen is actually very basic. I use Dior Hydra Life Lotion To Foam Fresh cleanser every evening to remove my makeup. I love it because it’s gentle enough to use on my eyes and it grabs my mascara easily! I don’t use toners or any additional cleansers. I follow my cleanser with Skin Fitness Pure Oxygen Serum facial oil. I apply one pump to my entire face and neck and follow with one pump of Skin Fitness Ultra Moisturizing Cream with EGF. In the morning, I use a damp, warm washcloth without any cleanser to gently wipe over my face, and I reapply one pump each of the oxygen serum and ultra moisturizing cream. I don’t wear much in the way of makeup; typically, I wear a small amount of foundation, a neutral eye shadow and some mascara. I apply Dior Dreamskin makeup with SPF 50 every day (I never leave the house without sun protection on my face), and follow with a basic Dior shadow and Dior Addict It-Lash mascara. I’m convinced that sunscreen is actually what keeps my skin looking its best and wrinkle-free!
amy fleming, physician assistant

I believe beautiful skin starts with a consistent regimen. I use medical-grade skin care products from Epionce, SkinMedica and NIA24 that address aging concerns for people in their 40s. In the morning, I use Epionce Milky Lotion Cleanser, Epionce Balancing Toner, Epionce Intense Defense Serum, SkinMedica Lytera, Epionce Renewal Eye Cream, Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion and sunscreen—always! In the evening, I use the same cleanser, Epionce Purifying Toner, NIA24 Intensive Retinol Repair, the same eye cream and Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream. Once a week, I use Glow Weekly Pads for exfoliation and brightening and Epionce Enriched Firming Mask. I truly love caring for my skin. It feels good to know that I am taking a few minutes each morning and night to do something for myself. After many years of good skin care, the results speak volumes!
whitney fogel, surgical consult coordinator at nayak plastic surgery & freelance makeup artist