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Work From Anywhere

I have been known to work almost anywhere. I’ve signed a contract electronically while waiting in the examining room for my doctor. One spring, while watching my husband in a car race, I troubleshot a website issue, fixed the problem and continued recording lap times. My business partner actually codes while getting her hair colored. The advances in devices, cellular data speeds and wireless coverage make it easier than ever to be on the go and get things done. So where is the strangest place you have gotten work done?

Here are some mobile apps that can help you manage your kids, household, business or volunteer responsibilities while on the go.

Cloud storage: Keeping my data in the cloud and accessible anywhere is one of the top productivity technologies available to the masses. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or iCloud are all ways you can make your documents, photos and spreadsheets accessible anywhere you are able to access the internet. Combining that with the ability to edit a document or spreadsheet on a mobile device makes it even better.

Chat with your team or family: Texting is fine, but group texts are frustrating. That is where apps such as Slack or HipChat can help in remote communications with groups of people (the kids use an app called Kik the same way). Each can be used on both desktop or mobile devices. I can be sitting at my son’s baseball game and stay on top of conversations happening at the office.

Manage the business: Capsule is a great tool for managing your contacts and sales leads. The best feature is that when I call from the phone app, it automatically will create a note that I made the call. Basecamp is a great way to communicate on projects with clients. As a Quickbooks Online user, I can see immediately which invoices are outstanding, create new estimates and review my Profit and Loss statement. Many banks now have mobile apps that allow you to take a picture of a check and deposit into your account.

As the weather gets warmer and the days longer, taking the time to be out and about has become so much easier with these new apps. I am sure you have a list of favorite apps you use every day to manage your life. Share your favorite mobile app with us!

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Sheila Burkett is an information technology expert and co-founder of Spry Digital, an interactive design agency that delivers smart digital solutions. Catch her weekly Spry Hive at