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Above and Beyond: Jet Linx St. Louis

This past spring, a Jet Linx flight from Scottsdale to Omaha made history for the private aviation firm. It reached 100 million air miles during the trip, marking a steady ascent in business over the last two decades. According to the company, it is now the third largest of its kind in the U.S., with 18 locations around the country.

Rich Ropp, St. Louis base president, says these important milestones come as Jet Linx’s Lambert Airport location celebrates its five-year anniversary and a second local base has opened at Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield. The company views its business model as a streamlined, personalized approach to air travel. Ropp says nationally, Jet Linx operates 115 private aircraft that can take clients anywhere they need to go, swiftly and comfortably, on a timetable that works for them. He emphasizes that the company flies directly from city to city without the lines, delays, layovers and hassles of regular air travel. Clients include busy corporate executives, business owners and other professionals. Even pets are welcome aboard Jet Linx planes, which range in size from seven to 14 passengers and offer many on-board amenities.

According to Ropp, Jet Linx also prides itself on going the extra mile when it comes to safety and security. Recently, all of its locations suspended operations for a day to focus solely on those topics. Staff members gathered at company bases for an annual Safety Summit and connected online to speakers, videos, Q&A sessions and other presentations from the company’s headquarters in Omaha.

Ropp describes it as an informative day of education and teamwork. “You don’t normally hear about companies temporarily shutting down flight operations to do this kind of thing,” he says. “But we feel that when you bring your entire team together— flight crews, service staff and administrative team members—it allows them to benefit from a variety of thought processes. A pilot may have different concerns than a salesperson, but they can learn from each other’s perspectives. At the event, we address every aspect of safe, secure flight operations from the ground to the air.”

The day of training is not mandated by regulators; it’s intended to demonstrate the company’s extra commitment to safety, according to Ropp. He adds that Jet Linx is an International Business Aviation Council Stage 3 registered operator and has earned ARGUS Platinum and Wyvern Wingman safety ratings, among other industry designations.

The Jet Linx Jet Card program offers frequent travelers a number of attractive perks, including guaranteed rates and aircraft availability and a local service team. “When you tie all of this together with our national company’s 20-year history of accident-free service, it’s no surprise we are such a trusted partner to our clients,” Ropp says. “Our corporate and local anniversaries are a testament to how well we treat those who fly with us. We believe in doing much more than we have to.”

Jet Linx, a national private aviation provider, is based locally at St. Louis Lambert International Airport and has opened a second location at Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield. For information about the company’s jet card program and other services, call  314.862.3222 or visit jetlinx.com.
Cover design by Julie Steiler | Cover photo courtesy of Jet Linx St. Louis

Pictured at top: Rich Ropp (right) is greeted by client services specialist Kim Hones and pilot Andre Polly.
Photo courtesy of Jet Linx St. Louis


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