It has been nearly seven years since the last BackTalk column was published. It was a sad day when Raschelle Burton picked up and moved to Boston for her career and left Patty Hannum on her own with no one to make snarky comments to. Somehow though, they both survived—and gained even more wisdom to answer all those pesky questions you have regarding etiquette, doing the right thing and living your best life. So, we brought them back! Patty took the time to find out what is going on with Raschelle while we wait for you to send in all of your questions.

Patty: So, how is Beantown or wherever you live that is no longer a two-minute car ride to my house? Tell us how much you have missed St. Louis.
Raschelle: First of all, we don’t call it Beantown. And I only tell you this so you don’t get made fun of when you visit. Regardless, it has been a wonderful adventure. There’s no place better than the Northeastern corner of this country. We have it all here, ocean, mountains, history and super smart (or should I say ‘wicked smaht’) people. We also have a lot of traffic, snow and impatience. I love it all! There’s a lot to miss about St. Louis: the pace, the friends, always knowing where everyone went to high school. I’ll always be grateful for our family’s time there.

Patty: I’m ready to dispense useless and needless advice to our readers. I’ve grown up a lot. I am a grandmother of two and both my kids live on their own. What’s new with you?
Raschelle: My girls are grown. One moved to Arizona, and the other is closer to home. I’m not a grandmother; I’m much too young. I’m still working but differently these days. Boston is a very old and wise city—she’s seen a lot since the famous Tea Party—so, yes, I feel like I am wiser just by living here. And naturally, I have more advice to give.

Patty: Do you think your views on issues have changed much? I mean the only way this works is if we disagree about certain topics. I know I am always in a state of annoyance, but are you disagreeable enough to make this work?
Raschelle: Ummm … no disrespect to my fellow Massholes, but I’ve lived here for seven years now. Yeah, I think I can make this work.

Patty: We all know the reason I wanted to do this column is so I can become famous. Not just St. Louis famous but across the country. I want to be on the cover of Time magazine. So, what do you think? Can you make me famous or at least someone who has a podcast with a million followers? Yes, I think we should do a podcast too.
Raschelle: I’m in this for our readers, but if I can help you achieve fame, you know I will. I feel certain I can help you become TikTok famous at least.

Patty: So, all we need are questions from our dear readers. I hope they won’t let us down even though we disappeared for a while.
Raschelle: Yes, I want to know what’s sticking in people’s craw, making their blood boil or giving them second-hand embarrassment. I hope they send us their thorniest, trickiest life questions—always happy to help.

So, now is your chance. What’s been bugging you? Do you just need a ref to agree with you on a certain topic? Email with all of your questions. They’ll be waiting.