Welcome to 2024! Traditionally with the new year, I outline what my resolutions are and then report back to you how I did. Not this year. I have decided to make it a new tradition: not to have any. I’m almost 64 years old, and I finally figured out my New Year’s resolutions are just a projection of what I think I should be doing, not what actually happens.

A few details to clean up from 2023. For regular readers, you will recognize some of these topics. First, I was gobsmacked that Gerry from The Golden Bachelor picked Theresa! The one and only woman I encouraged him not to pick. But alas, Gerry does not read my column. A televised wedding will happen this month, and I swear I won’t watch it—but I know I will. I really hope they have an interactive feature where I can object at the appropriate time. No more Bachelor for me. I cannot take the pain of total strangers not telepathically receiving my messages and not doing what I want them to do! I do wish the happy couple well, but I just do not think … I’m not going to finish that sentence.

Second, thank you to all the readers who sent me comments and suggestions for topics to be covered in the column. I really do listen to your advice (unlike Gerry). Last year, I was able to highlight some interesting nonprofits and businesses—if you are locally owned, I would love to talk about you!

Third, I would like to publicly admit that when I declared 2023 a ‘year of yes,’ I meant it! But life got in the way, and I was not able to try all of the suggestions readers sent. I apologize and promise that this year I will do better.

Fourth, I would like to thank my family and friends that provide much of the material I write about. Without them, there would be no column or funny stories. They are a group of funny dysfunctional people and never give me a hard time about divulging their secrets. Though to be honest, my husband, sister and sister-in-law are probably the only ones who read my column. With as large as the Fitzgerald Clan is —just counting those old enough to read—I could likely double my readership if they did.

Fifth, a big thank you to my editor and publisher. My editor catches all of my grammar mistakes and saves me from embarrassment. Trust me when I say the copy I turn in is far from perfect, but by the time you read it, Stephanie has made sure I sound literate. The publisher of Town&Style is the person that makes sure every other week, I arrive in your mailbox. Lauren keeps the lights on and provides me an opportunity to voice my opinions. Well, at least most of my opinions. Thank you for saving me from myself and giving me a job.

And finally, my peeps, you the readers. I love making you chuckle. That is the point of all this. I hope all of your wishes for 2024 come true, and I’m looking forward to even more chances to tell you what is on my mind.