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Beauty Detox

New year, new you, right? If you have resolved to clean up your beauty routine in the new decade, considering a full detox is a surefire way to guarantee a truly clean routine. Here are a few tips for cleaning up your act, from choosing what products you can go without to focusing on what goes in your body rather than on it.

fresh start
If less-than-glowing skin is the culprit for wanting to switch things up, try going at least two days without makeup or any skin care products. After a few days (or weeks), slowly incorporate the necessities back into your routine, like face wash and moisturizer. If a product isn’t doing what you want, then you know it’s time to dump it for good or replace it.

nail polish no more
There’s nothing like a fresh mani/pedi, but sometimes you need to give your nails a break. It’s no secret that a regular schedule can cause thinning, yellowing and ingrown nails. If you love to get manis and pedis all of the time (guilty), take a break—even if you haven’t noticed any symptoms yet.

beautiful on the inside
There’s a huge movement in beauty and wellness that focuses more on what you put in your body than on it. For example, everyone knows about hyaluronic acid (HA) face creams, but what about HA supplements? HA molecules are too big to be fully absorbed by the skin, but supplements work from the inside out to keep skin moisturized and supple and can yield much better results than relying on creams and serums alone.

buyer beware
With the industry’s sudden spotlight on detox, the word can be subject to overuse and even false marketing claims. If you see products making claims that they’ll rid your skin of toxins, for example, they’re wrong. Skin does not contain toxins. Products can help skin feel smoother and get rid of dirt and excess oils, but not toxins. Make sure you do your research before buying new products and even check the ones you already use.

sunscreen savior
Detoxing is all about breaking bad habits, and there is no worse habit than forgoing sunscreen. If the thought of adding another product to your beauty routine sounds exhausting, consider a primer, concealer or foundation that uses at least SPF 20. The benefits of using SPF daily are unparalleled—no exaggerated health claims there!