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Beauty from A to Z: 2020

The beauty world can be a little daunting to dip a toe into. From Instagram to high fashion runways and everywhere in between, there is a lot to take in, and trends are constantly changing. One day neon eyeshadow is all the rage, and the next more natural looks are everywhere. And it all comes with its own evolving lingo. Here’s a look at some of the terms you need to know.

Curtain Bangs: This trend from the ’70s is making a resurgence. The style features bangs parted down the middle to frame the face.

Doe Foot: Got Bambi on the brain? Well, this term is used by beauty companies and makeup artists to refer to the sponge-tipped wand found in products like concealer and lip gloss. The flat, angled edge of the applicator resembles a hoof, thus the name.

Flashback: It’s the boogeyman of every selfie: a white cast that appears in photos after using certain products. Even if you look flawless in person, the intense light from flash photography reflects off ingredients like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and silica.

Kickback: In pressed powders like eyeshadow, this refers to the product that is released into the air when you swirl a brush into it.

Maskne: Undoubtedly the skin care term of 2020, this portmanteau of “mask” and “acne” refers to skin problems that come from regularly wearing, well, a mask.

Pandemic Pink: Lockdown this spring was the perfect time to experiment with different hairstyles, and the biggest trend was pink. Celebs like Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa and Madonna all sported pastel locks while sheltering in place, and DIY dyes and tints flew off the shelves.

Showrooming: Looking at or testing a product in a traditional brick-and-mortar store and then buying it for cheaper online.

Sillage: In French, this term refers to the wake left by a boat, but in the beauty world, it’s used to describe a fragrance’s ability to diffuse in the air around it. Perfumes with strong sillage linger longer.

Spoolie: You’ve probably seen this eyebrow tool, but did you know it had a name? It looks like a mascara wand and is used to brush the brows and soften harsh makeup.

Skinimalist: An intensive 10-step skin care routine not for you? Also called “skip care” in the K-beauty world, this approach pares down the process by using only two or three multiuse products. It goes hand and hand with “skin fasting,” which refers to reducing or forgoing your regular routine for a set amount of time to let your skin reset.

Tightline: OK, yes, this refers to a fishing technique that keeps the line taught, but it’s also a trick to make your eyelashes look fuller. The technique uses eyeliner on the upper rim of the eye between the hairs to create the illusion of darker, thicker lashes. It also blends the product into your lash line, giving you a no-liner look.

Twilighting: No, it doesn’t have anything to do with teen vampires from the 2000s. This hair color trend uses balayage and babylights to create a multidimensional brunette color with warm, gold undertones.

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