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Beauty comes with its own language, and it’s constantly evolving. Whether you’re replicating the biggest trends from social media or searching for the perfect products, there can be a lot to sort through. Here is some of the latest lingo to help you understand what everyone is talking about!

More intricate than highlights or even balayage, the hair coloring technique involves separating and lightening a few strands at a time. The lighter strands blend into the natural hair color for a more seamless look.

Using a small amount of concealer on blemishes and not wearing foundation

floating crease
This graphic look uses eyeliner along the crease of the eye rather than the lash line.

cloudless skin
Think of this as the ultimate skin care goal. Going beyond simply blemish-free, this K-beauty term refers to having healthy skin that results from a positive well-being.

A natural alternative to standard waxing, this hair removal process uses a mixture of sugar, lemon and water and is less likely to cause bruising or irritation.

Used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, these herbs and roots may help you resist physical, chemical and biological stressors. Proponents believe they train your body to handle the effects of stress by interacting with your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and the sympathoadrenal system. Some, like holy basil, can be eaten as part of a meal, and others can be brewed into teas or taken as supplements.

brow lamination
An alternative to microneedling, this is essentially a perm for your eyebrows. A setting lotion helps lift the brow hairs upward, creating a smoother, fuller appearance.

Like K-beauty before it, the term refers to Asian products, trends and methods, but this time they hail from Japan. Here, the focus is on minimalist approaches for prevention and maintenance, resulting in luminous, healthy skin and little need for makeup.

estée laundry
Worried about honesty and authenticity from your favorite makeup and skin care brands? This Instagram page is run by an anonymous, international collective of beauty insiders, and it’s blowing up thanks to its insight into some of the industry’s less than beautiful practices.

Derived from psoralea corylifolia (aka Babchi or Bakuchi), this vegan alternative to retinol delivers the same antiaging benefits without side effects like dryness and sensitivity.

glass hair
A pin-straight, super glossy, symmetrical bob

retinoid sandwich
While retinol is known for its effective antiaging properties, it also can dry out your skin and make it super sensitive. This skin care approach involves using moisturizer before and after application to create a buffer for your skin without diluting the product.

Don’t head up to the roof! This is a method for detangling super curly hair by using a leave-in conditioner or gel to separate and define each curl.

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