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Beauty Innovations

This industry is constantly coming out with new products that make application easier and use ingredients that are healthier. But do they really work?

full frontal volume life & curl mascara
I only have a few mascaras I will buy again. New to Rihanna’s beauty line, this might get on the list as well. I love the dark black tint, and I was impressed with the brush. It separated my lashes instead of clumping them together, creating great volume. I did notice flakes that had fallen around my eyes at the end of the day.
$24, Sephora

power mist
The moisturizing hand sanitizer has given me what I want out of this product! Only a year old, it kicked off with a super successful Kickstarter campaign. The mist is so much better than a liquid: no residual stickiness, no dripping all over clothes, and packed with essential oils and aloe vera. Plus—it’s TSA-friendly and comes in a variety of scents.
$12, Ulta Beauty

royal tulip nectar
As you apply the cool, jelly-like consistency to your face, a warming sensation comes over your skin, which was a welcome surprise. I rubbed it in before I went to bed, and in the morning, my skin was still glowing. Plus, you get a cute tulip ‘shovel.’ Note: Just use a little. I applied way too much the first time and had to wipe a lot off.

life elements
powder face wash
Love that it is a plant-based formula with no preservatives (hence the powder) or synthetic agents, and respect that it comes in recyclable glass containers. It’s a little tricky to form into the paste you need, and I didn’t like the smell, but it’s honest, clean and doesn’t hurt our oceans. Enough said.

tulip tint: lip & cheek balm
Bloomeffects is the first skin care brand to use the power of tulips (stem cells from tulip bulbs to be exact) to create effective, clean products. The color seemed too bright, but it’s perfect on the cheeks. Instead of a stick, this is like a lotion—easier to put on, and it feels like an added layer of moisture!

Photo: Cydney Moore