Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

Dear Homework,
We have lived in our home for almost 10 years and would love your guidance on how to improve our landscaping and exterior. We enjoy reading your column and the recommendations you have provided other homeowners.
—Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

Dear Can’t See the Forest for the Trees,
Your house has a great ‘cottage in the woods’ feel, so I suggest we take that a bit further with a few architectural and landscape changes.

First, I would like to walk up to the house in a more romantic way. Let’s abandon the walkway along the facade and create a new curving stone path through the lawn that leads you under a rose-covered trellis to the front door. The trellis is then framed with a low evergreen hedge with corner brick light piers. Shade-loving ferns and hostas add detail to the scheme.

New dormers and a cupola add interest and charm to the roof, helping to underscore the cottage feel of the property. The existing color scheme already works fine, so it has been retained. Now the home is part of the forest rather than overwhelmed by it.

Hope that helps,

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