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CBD: From Chaos to Calm

Whether you need help easing anxieties or calming complexions, a little CBD can go a long way in soothing the body from the inside out. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive, therapeutic component of cannabis. Here are a few CBD-infused products that can help take the edge off our new reality.

Full-spectrum and dissolvable, Mondo CBD Powder is crafted from organically grown hemp, expertly blended with non-GMO, organic ingredients, and it contains no sugar, gluten or artificial colors. This tasteless, vegan CBD powder can be ingested alone or added to your favorite meals and drinks to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression., $40

herbody cosmetics
HERBODY’S Spirulina and French Green Clay CBD Mask is a purifying hemp-derived treatment that draws out pollutants below the skin like a magnet. The clay’s negatively charged particles bind to positively charged impurities and remove them from pores. Algae-like spirulina that contains both minerals and chlorophyll is added for its soothing properties. The CBD helps ease inflammation, rounding out this calming clay mask., $59

subtle tea
Say hello to Subtle Tea, a vegan, CBD-infused brew. Available in Jasmine Green, White Peach and Ginger White, it’s a soothing glass of tea—but on steroids. This keto-friendly alternative uses CBD to calm rather than stimulate. And thanks to its low-sugar formula, it won’t cause chaos to your complexion., $7-$8

plant people
Plant People Relief + Cooling Body Cream is formulated with full-spectrum hemp extract. The fast-acting formula also contains herb-derived menthol that cools on contact. Use on your joints after a long day of working from home or simply slather all over your most tension-prone areas., $54.99

CBDistillery makes an easily doseable tincture specifically to calm anxieties. When surveyed about its Full Spectrum CBD Oil, 88% of customers reported CBD helps with mild or temporary anxiety, while 76% said they preferred CBD to alcohol when they needed to relax., $60