Colonial Color Change

Dear Homework,
We plan to put a lime wash on our red bricks and perhaps change the shutter color to a sage green. What do you think of these changes, and what else would you suggest to pull our home together?
—Colonial Color Change

Dear Colonial Color Change,
When a home has large areas of both clapboard siding and natural brick, it can feel a bit like an unresolved composition of separate pieces. Making these separate elements the same (or similar) color usually brings a new unity to the overall presentation. In this case, the proposed lime wash on the existing brick will do exactly that.

Beyond that, a number of small changes will add oomph to the façade. I would make several of the shutters wider on the larger windows. I also would add decorative heads and sills to the dormers, widen the window boxes and choose a more prominent coach lamp above the front door. I would paint the door a pale blue to complement the suggested sage green of the shutters.

The biggest changes I’m suggesting are with the landscaping. Start with planting a 30-inch tall boxwood hedge at the curb. Additional hedges under the two main windows and upright evergreens at the corners of the façade frame the composition nicely. Large terracotta urns add impact to the front door.

All of these changes give the house a more unified look, but your painting suggestions are the most important starting point.

Thanks for asking,

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