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Designer Spotlight: 5.19.21

Anne Marie Boedges of Anne Marie Design Studio

What are homeowners asking for now?
In general, people have noticed all of the things they don’t love about their homes after last year. In the past, houses were built with many distinct spaces such as a hearth, dining and great rooms, and the kitchen wasn’t the heart of the home. It doesn’t fit with today’s lifestyle. Open concepts continue to be very popular. To open these spaces, you have to touch every element of the first floor. Instead of just kitchen remodels, I’m seeing a lot more whole-floor projects. 

What should people consider before undertaking a large renovation?
There are three main things. First, think about how your family moves in the home. Second, consider how long you plan to live there. If you’re going to be there less than five years, such a massive undertaking may not be the best choice. Finally, know how much you should be budgeting. It may seem daunting, but remember that you will see a return on your investment if the job is done well.

Do you have advice for homeowners who find a full first-floor renovation daunting?
Many times, the deciding factor between a whole-floor remodel and a more contained project is moving something like a powder room or closet. Once you start tearing out walls, you have to tackle everything at once. Opting not to make a change like that can scale back the project. It also is possible to do a renovation in stages if you think of each room as a separate entity. However, most of the time, clients choose to wait until they are in a place where they can both afford and handle the commotion of doing the whole project at once.

Are there any style elements you’re excited about right now?
People often want a soothing environment. I like natural elements, such as soft oyster tones and deep brown woods with a lot of movement, mixed with a pop of color. The color chosen is important because it dictates how the space will impact your mood. A touch of green is always calming since it’s reminiscent of nature. There’s a shade that’s a cross between emerald green and charcoal gray that I’m excited about. A blend of creamy white with natural wood and black accents plus a pop of green in an island or backsplash is very peaceful. It makes me just want to sit and have a cup of coffee.


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