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Find Your Glow: Pur-One Medispa

Spring is just around the corner, and that means more opportunities for fun in the sun. Unfortunately, that can also mean more fine lines, dark spots and other issues. A thoughtfully designed skin care regimen can combat sun damage and the signs of aging, according to Jackie Carr, R.N., ANP-BC, LE, owner of Pur-One Medispa in Des Peres.

“If I were to pick just two things to be sure to have with me on spring break, they would be a high quality physical SPF and my Botox face,” Carr says. “Utilize sunscreen to reduce damage while you play in the sun, and Botox allows you to put your best face forward by reducing the lines that are formed through frowning and squinting, which are common on bright days.” She notes that it is important to receive your treatment at least two weeks before a trip or event to ensure it has had time to take effect.

Another way to brighten the skin is to dermaplane with hydrafacial or microdermabrasion. “These are in-office procedures that help to exfoliate the dead surface layer of the skin, helping products penetrate more easily and triggering the lower layer of skin to push new skin to the surface sooner,” Carr explains. “This is how skin rejuvenation is enhanced without any
visible downtime.”

Pur-One also offers innovative treatments like Juvederm Volbella and Voluma XC fillers. Volbella was originally created to treat lips, but the FDA recently approved it to fill hollows under the eyes. Similarly, Voluma XC was developed for cheek augmentation to reduce volume loss that comes naturally with age, and now, it is also approved for augmentation of the chin to enhance the facial profile in adults over the age of 21. “I can appreciate utilization of products that have multiple indications and can be used to treat multiple locations,” Carr notes. “Waste of filler is a waste of monetary resources—something not too many people can do.”

For patients looking to make the most of their at-home skin care routine, Carr offers consultations. One of her favorite recommendations is a vitamin C serum for its anti-aging benefits. “Using one can provide environmental protection from free radical damage, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase firmness and brighten the complexion,” she says. “SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic maintains its status as the gold standard of vitamin C serums. This product has been proven to be effective at the tissue level for up to 72 hours after application and absorption.” She adds that while CE Ferulic was designed for mature skin, SkinCeuticals also has formulas for oily, blemish-prone skin and hyperpigmentation like blotchiness caused by sun damage.

Our facial structure continues to change during the aging process, and Carr works to meet each person at their personal stage in the aging process. “I have served some of my patients for more than 20 years,” she says. “Consistency in care helps me to learn what works best for each person and allows me to deliver an optimal standard in care. When you are treated at Pur-One, you are the priority. Providing the best care possible is of utmost importance every day, at every appointment.”

Pur-One Medispa in Des Peres offers a variety of effective skin treatments in a safe, pleasant environment. Pictured on the cover: Owner Jackie Carr, R.N., ANP-BC, LE. For more information, call 314.909.0633 or visit

Cover design by Julie Streiler
Cover photo courtesy of Pur-One Medispa

Pictured at top: Owner Jackie Carr
Photo courtesy of Pur-One Medispa


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