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Fly in Style: Jet Linx St. Louis

With summer in full swing, weekend getaways and relaxing vacations are on the minds of many St. Louisans. The allure of travel is undeniable, but much less appealing is the idea of braving crowded airports, waiting in baggage and security lines, and facing potential flight delays. For those looking for an alternative to commercial flights, Jet Linx St. Louis offers a personalized, local approach to private jet travel.

Jet Linx has 17 bases nationwide and a fleet of 100 airplanes to help get its clients from point A to point B comfortably and without hassle. Base president Rich Ropp notes that these resources allow the company to offer an experience completely different from commercial travel. “We tailor every aspect to passengers’ preferences,” Ropp says. “From the personal greeting when you arrive at our private terminal to having your vehicle ready to go rampside when you return, it’s all about the details and full VIP experience.” Ropp explains that Jet Linx works to remember client information, from what drinks and snacks they like on the plane to the make and model of their preferred rental car. “If we know you’re celebrating a special occasion, we’ll put together something to help you really enjoy the moment,” Ropp adds.

He says there is a simple reason the Jet Linx team can provide a superior experience over commercial airlines and their national competitors: “We’re local; they’re not.” He notes that the company’s St. Louis presence allows it to forge a deeper connection with clients. “People aren’t calling a 1-800 number when they book a trip with us,” Ropp says. “Local team members work with them throughout the entire process, which creates a level of trust.” That trust is further bolstered by Jet Linx’s unwavering safety standards, the highest in the industry, according to Ropp.

The company’s dedication to serving St. Louis isn’t limited to ensuring every flight runs smoothly. It’s also committed to giving back to the community in several ways. With a private, stand-alone facility, Ropp says Jet Linx can open its doors (literally) to charitable organizations by hosting fundraisers. “Each event offers a deep, meaningful connection to the community,” he explains, adding that the nonprofits receive the benefit of a truly unique venue. “Guests can look out at the sunset with a glass of wine and watch planes take off. It’s a really cool backdrop, and we hope it draws people in and encourages them to support the cause.”

Ropp is on the board of directors for Wings of Hope, a local aviation nonprofit that offers humanitarian programs around the world. Its Medical Relief and Air Transport program provides free transport to individuals in the Midwest who need specialized medical care unavailable to them at home. “My team and I are thrilled to have opportunities to get involved with local groups,” Ropp says. “It makes our relationship with the St. Louis community that much stronger.”

Pictured: Kim Jones, Barb Courtney, Rich Ropp, Zoe Gnaedinger, Reagan Wilson
Photo courtesy of Jet Linx St. Louis

Jet Linx St. Louis offers a local, personalized approach to private jet travel. Pictured on the cover: Rich Ropp (right) is greeted by client services specialist Kim Jones and pilot Andrew Polly as he boards a Cessna Citation XLS midsize jet aircraft at the Jet Linx St. Louis terminal. For more information, call 314.862.3222 or visit jetlinx.com/st-louis.

Cover design by Julie Streiler
Cover photo courtesy of Jet Linx St. Louis