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go-to greenery
It’s finally spring! We are ecstatic to see budding branches overhead and daffodils popping up at our feet. Beyond the beauty of the outdoors, we’re thrilled with the chance to bring fresh, natural greenery inside as well. It’s our favorite design tool because it makes a space feel vibrant and alive. From wildly oversized banana leaves to soft ferns, we can’t get enough of these natural touches. Check out our favorite little green friends to see how you can bring the outside in!

ruscus » If you’re looking for a sophisticated green cutting with the style and elegance to match your space, look no further than ruscus. This leafy, vine-like plant goes with everything from wedding bouquets to dining table centerpieces. We love to place it in taller vases to give even more height to this already elongated beauty.

silver dollar eucalyptus » Fill your room with the soft style and calming scent of silver dollar eucalyptus. With leaves that tend to be less saturated than your typical greenery, this plant provides a more subtle touch than other leafy plants. While eucalyptus is more of a home accent than it is a centerpiece, it can still stand out when styled in a natural vessel.

monstera » These huge leaves are tropical, beautiful and oh-so-trendy. It’s no wonder their scientific name is monstera deliciosa—this plant looks delicious in any room! Potted monstera leaves need lots of space to grow, so these plants should not be shelved or tucked away in a corner. If you want a more minimalist look, place a single leaf in a glass vase with a little water.

plumosa »  The gentle stems of plumosa, also known as asparagus fern, create soft details without overwhelming the space they occupy. These sweet little cuttings sit well in smaller vases. Though the stems are small, plumosa is mighty and will last for a long time with proper care.

seasonal branches » When you just can’t fit a trip to your local florist or plant nursery into your busy schedule, one of the simplest solutions to add natural decor to your home is to cut it yourself! Pick up a few small branches from your yard that fell or trim a branch directly from one of your trees.

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