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Fur Care Tips for Spring

Furs are a fabulous part of winter—they are warmth and style combined in one luxurious piece. But taking proper care of them in the warmer months is just as important as how they complement your outfit. We asked Ann Hurth, owner of Fur Boutique, for advice on how to store and restyle your furs so they are ready for next year.

What are the benefits of storing your furs with a furrier?
Ann Hurth | The biggest benefit is a furrier’s humidity- and temperature-controlled vault, which will limit exposure to sunlight and artificial light and prevent fading. You can regulate the temperature and light in your home to a certain extent, but you likely don’t have that level of humidity control. A furrier also will clean, glaze and recondition the fur before storing it, which is a noticeable benefit.

What are some common problems that come with storing furs?
AH | There aren’t any if you store and clean your fur properly. This will prolong the life of your fur and keep it supple and soft. If you don’t take these steps, it will dry out more quickly. Proper storage is the best thing you can do to preserve your pieces, and the best time to store is typically April through October.

Any tips for storing furs at home?
AH | I don’t recommend it, but the best thing would be to keep furs away from sunlight or natural light. Keep them in a cool, dry spot, which means no basements or cedar closets.

What are the benefits of restyling a fur piece?
AH | Lots of people acquire furs. They might be hand-me-downs with great sentimental value, but you aren’t wearing them for whatever reason. Maybe they don’t fit or are out of style. You can take your mother’s or grandmother’s stole or coat and give it new life.

What does the restyling process involve?
AH | Spring is a great time to do it because the piece will be ready for the fall. Bring it in for a consultation, and we’ll look at its value and condition. If it’s dried out, we don’t recommend restyling. If it’s usable, we’ll look at the styles available to reinterpret the fur. The options are endless when it comes to redefining a silhouette. We take measurements to tailor the piece to your body, and it usually takes four to six weeks to receive the finished product.

Any tips for picking a piece to be restyled?
AH | Inherited furs are good candidates because there’s a good chance they’ll be dated or not match your style. But really, it’s a great option for any piece you aren’t wearing anymore. It’s also important to be aware of the fur’s condition. Whoever you take the piece to should be able to tell you immediately if it’s worth putting your money into.