Georgian Gem

Dear Homework,
We just purchased a charming Gale E. Henderson home and would love to update its classic facade and landscaping. A softer color scheme seems like a great place to start, but even that choice has us stumped—so many ways to go. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

—Georgian Gem (Needing Some Polish)

Dear Georgian Gem,
Gale Henderson was definitely a master of the Georgian style. As I look at it, the overall impression only needs some slight adjustments to look more ‘pulled together.’

First, note that by removing the lowest branch on the foreground shade tree, the facade’s important central gable is revealed, which helps the overall composition. Next, you will notice I added a curved evergreen hedge flanked by brick piers topped with flower pots, which gives the entry more architectural impact. Straight hedges of different lengths visually help tie the curved portion to the rest of the facade.

It seems that each Homework column, I paint the brick of the subject home. In this case, I suggest a light white-wash of the brick and painting the white clapboard a light gray. This softens the contrast between the elements, yielding a more mellow feel. To me, that’s all of the polishing this gem needs to shine at its best.

Hope this helps with your project.

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