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Giving Season: The Fur Boutique

In winter, it’s difficult to ignore the less-than-ideal weather. The temperature drops, the wind blows, and snow and ice cover roads and walkways. But with the proper coat, gloves, scarf and hat, you’ll have no problem braving the winter chill—and looking fabulous while doing it! The Fur Boutique, located in Ladue, offers a unique selection of one-of-akind pieces ranging from trendy accessories to luxurious furs, making it the perfect destination for seasonal wear and holiday shopping.

“There’s something about the holiday season that gives us a feeling of coziness, and that goes wonderfully with fur,” says Ann Hurth, founder and owner of The Fur Boutique. The store’s varied array of products includes cashmere wraps, mink jackets and versatile vests and capes as well as accessories like pompom hats, lined gloves and head scarves. They’re all perfect for adding warmth and style to your winter wardrobe, and Hurth says fur also is great for casual wear. “You don’t have to be dressed up to enjoy it,” she explains. “A shearling jacket can take you from school dropoff to the grocery store to drinks with the girls. You can wear it anywhere.”

This year, Hurth is using the boutique to do more than provide St. Louis with fine furs. She is partnering with Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital to promote its Beyond Gala Jan. 19 at the Four Seasons Hotel downtown. The hospital helps make the transition between traditional hospitals and home as smooth as possible for children and families dealing with serious illness and injury. It provides a full spectrum of services alongside medical care, including counseling, spiritual support and community integration assistance.

“Ranken Jordan understands that a hospital stay doesn’t just affect the patient,” Hurth says. “The whole family needs to learn to cope.” This especially can be true of siblings. From depression to jealousy, Ranken Jordan helps them manage the overwhelming emotions that can come with seeing their brother or sister in the hospital. That is certainly the case for siblings Claire and Isaiah. He suffers from apraxia and a phonological disorder, two conditions that impact his ability to speak, and he was bullied as a result. Ranken Jordan helped Claire understand her brother’s condition, and she in turn worked to educate her peers, putting a stop to the bullying.

This dedication to helping the families of patients has a very personal connection for Hurth. When she was 11, her sister, Lucy Dolan, was injured in a mountain climbing accident, leaving her a quadriplegic. Through the experience, Hurth learned just how much illness and injury can impact the whole family. “I know first-hand how important Ranken Jordan’s services are,” she says. “I support the hospital because of all it does for people, including the siblings of patients.”

Promoting the hospital is just one way Hurth uses the shop to better serve St. Louis. Its quality selection of merchandise and excellent customer service have allowed the business to flourish by building trust with customers. “We make each individual experience remarkable so people are motivated to come back,” she notes. “We love what we do and have decades of experience, so St. Louisans can feel confident they are getting the best when they come to us.”

The Fur Boutique at 9820 Clayton Road in Ladue features fine furs for the holidays and beyond. Pictured on the cover: Model Cathy Sanders. For more information, call 314.401.0317.

Cover design by Allie Bronsky
Cover photo by Colin Miller of Strauss Peyton Photography

Pictured above: Ann Hurth, her sister, Lucy Dolan, Ranken Jordan patient Isaiah and his sister, Claire.