Home design trends change like the seasons, so there’s no reason your domestic spaces should ever feel boring or stale. This summer, why not mix up your design? These trends offer the perfect warm weather inspiration.

something old + something new
Love that cottagecore vibe but also want something a little more mature? Rustic vogue is your solution. This popular style combines the charm of rustic interiors with the crisp cleanliness of modern aesthetics. Hallmarks of the look are natural fabrics, wood and stone, and a more subdued color palette.

paper over it
Bold wallpaper is having a moment. Bring some summer style to any space with a striped pattern. It’s an especially popular look for bedrooms. Shades of blue, gray and white can offer a nautical feel that’s perfect for sunny weather. Best of all, thanks to peel-and-stick wallpaper, changing up a room’s wall covering doesn’t have to be a major commitment.

got the blues
Who doesn’t love blue? It’s calming and relaxing, but it also can be used to make a statement. Plus, it works in basically any room in the house—whether it’s a statement wall in the living room or painted cabinets in the kitchen. Consider making both your walls and ceiling the same shade of blue. Not only does it offer a striking modern look, it highlights height in the space.

east meets west
Japanese and Scandinavian design aren’t new when it comes to interior decor, but a rising trend known as ‘Japandi’ is bringing together their complementary focus on simplicity and functionality. The style is all about minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing spaces that use natural materials, clean lines and light, neutral colors.

Source: realtor.com | Photos: pinterest.com