Help the First-Time Homeowner

Dear Homework,
Our daughter just purchased her first home. She had overgrown bushes torn out and wants to plant something that will be low maintenance. The house faces north. Any suggestions for bringing out the charm of this Dogtown house? Thanks!
—Help the First-Time Homeowner

Dear Help the First-Time Homeowner,
I would like to give the home more personality and interest with some new Craftsman details. For the prominent dormer, I suggest new siding, window trim, roof brackets and a jolt of red for an accent color to banish the blandness. I also would put on a new roof with shingles that have a bit more color and variegation. For the first floor, I would install a Craftsman-style storm door and also paint it red. A new porch light would continue this theme. I would build two long flower boxes to sit atop the brick porch rail and fill them with welcoming plantings that spill over. Climbing vines hide the two incongruous porch columns. For the small front yard, a simple landscape scheme solves two problems. Billowing ornamental grasses soften the blunt, brick front porch and two Burning Bush hedges hide the possible parked cars, while at the same time reiterating the accent color. Often when a home sits in a row of architecturally similar structures, ‘gentle’ changes can upgrade it while maintaining the integrity of the neighborhood.

Hope that makes sense,

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