Can This Be Pulled Together?

Dear Homework,
We fell in love with the location of our home in Clayton. It was built in 1907 and has had several additions and alterations over the years that don’t seem to fit the house. We currently are renovating every inch inside, but are struggling with inspiration for the front. We would love to alter the front entrance, match the windows with shutters that are the right scale, and update the 1980s siding with cement board. The walkway is odd, and the landscaping is nonexistent. We would love to see ideas that would help us fall in love with our home again! Thank you for your help.
—Can This Be Pulled Together?

Dear Can This Be Pulled Together?
The scale and symmetry of your house provide a great starting point for a revived and handsome composition. Some minor architectural refinements and bold landscape changes will result in a completely different feel to the property.

You will notice new, wider shutters with hardware and a simplified front porch overhang that is better proportioned to the house. New corner pilasters and window trim create a feeling of architectural dignity. Color changes on the roof, new cement board siding and a red storm door create a dramatic contrast with the white trim, allowing it to make an important statement.

A boxwood hedge gives a new base to the whole house, and an adjacent flower bed adds charm and complements the front door. Ornamental grasses provide an alternate hedge for the asymmetrical wing on the right. A renovated brick walkway resolves the messy approach to the front door, and black urns at the front stoop add a welcoming detail. To my eyes, this seems much more pulled together.

Hope this helps,