Wistful in Webster

Dear Homework,
I recently moved to Webster Groves and love the layout and backyard of our new home. However, the front of the house and large, sloped front yard make the house seem uninviting. I would love a critique!
Wistful in Webster


Dear Wistful in Webster,
I don’t find your home to be unwelcoming, but if you do, I can only assume that you have a hypersensitive desire to be welcoming, which is a fine thing indeed. To upgrade the feeling of welcome, I suggest adding the kind of wraparound front porch so often seen in the homes of Webster Groves. I think in this case, the new porch substantially changes the overall feel of the façade, giving it more the ambience of a 1900s-era home than one built in the ’60s or ’70s.

This new outdoor space would offer excellent views and privacy due to your steep front yard. With this new architectural feature, the residence now ‘presides’ over its site and presents the viewer with a number of charming details to entertain the eye. From your photo, it is impossible to tell if your two tall trees would be impacted. I have removed them and created a new Victorian-themed design that I think both complements the new look and contributes to your desired feeling of welcome.

Anyone walking up to a home with an ample front porch brimming with furniture, a swing and plants would view this is as a place where they would look forward to spending time. This is an elaborate response to your original question, but would be the best and most effective way to say welcome.

Thanks for asking,

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