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How to Style Your Nightstand

keep it practical
Your nightstand (or nightstand set) always should be fully functional, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! There are lots of practical items that you might need nearby. You probably can’t fit them all (and it might be a little crowded if you did), but go ahead and prioritize your top picks and invest in ones you love. A lamp actually could become an intentional visual feature of your room while also providing much needed light, or if you need to keep a few smaller bits and pieces nearby, keep a pretty box or tray to store them in.

make it your own
No nightstand is complete without the personal touches that make your space feel like you. Whether it’s a stack of books, your favorite candle or a blanket stored in a basket underneath, adding in some special details will immediately up the cozy factor. Keep some things close that will make you smile every morning and every night. Don’t forget your favorite books and small pieces of art, too!

time to style
Now that you have your pieces picked out, it’s time to style them! Styling your nightstand really depends on the shape and size you’re working with, but here are a few fail safe combos:

  • Three’s a charm: Try arranging three pieces together in a little triangle with the biggest piece, like the lamp, in the back.
  • Stacks on stacks: Pile up your favorite books and use them as a tray for your candle or jewelry.
  • Box it up: If you feel like your space is cluttered, try storing everything in a pretty little box with a lid. Pop your glasses, jewelry, and other odds and ends inside, and enjoy the added texture it brings.
  • Don’t overcrowd: Try not to clutter up a small nightstand with too many items. Pop a basket underneath if you need more space.
  • Showcase your favorite pretty things: Use your nightstand to give a home to the special little things that make you smile. Try to pick items that add a little contrast. For example, if you have a black nightstand, pick items that pop against the black and vice versa.

if you run out of space, try a sconce!
Lamps can take up a lot of room, and are notorious for being knocked over. Save the space and the headache by installing some sconces instead. Besides clearing a lot of room, this also can really elevate the look of a space.

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