Yuval Dor and Conor Ahlering met in high school, and their first outing was a memorable one—a double date with Conor’s parents. “We all went to dinner for his 17th birthday,” Yuval says. “He and I have been together ever since.”

The two attended college at the University of Arizona-Tucson, and after graduation, they returned to St. Louis to start their careers and be closer to family. “One evening, Conor told me we were going to meet friends at the Boathouse in Forest Park, but we never actually made it to the restaurant,” Yuval recalls. “He got down on one knee on a bridge in the park and asked me to marry him. Then we went to Carl’s Drive-In for burgers and floats, and we called our friends and family to share the big news.”

They had a morning wedding at St. Anselm Catholic Church and a Jewish ceremony at Conor’s parents’ home later that afternoon. A reception followed, and guests sampled tacos, pizza and gyros from food trucks set up in the driveway. “We always knew we wanted to have an outdoor party. We came up with some different ideas, but things started to get logistically complicated,” Yuval says. “That’s when we decided to get the food trucks and let everyone choose what they wanted.”

A light rain threatened to interfere, but the trucks put up awnings and guests enjoyed going from one to the next to sample different dishes, Yuval says. “We loved having our second ceremony and celebration at the house,” she notes. “It’s where we had our first kiss, so we really wanted to come back to the place where things began. It was very special.”

Yuval’s relatives flew in from Israel for the big day, and she says it was wonderful introducing them to Conor’s family at the reception. “I changed into a silk dress for the afternoon and added a lovely pearl belt my mom wore when she was my age,” she notes. “A friend decorated my leather jacket with ‘Mrs. Ahlering’ on the back, and I gave my bridesmaids denim jackets with their names on them.” After the festivities, the newlyweds departed for a two-week honeymoon in Hawaii.

Conor owns two Orangetheory Fitness studios in Chesterfield and Ladue, and Yuval is a project manager with Centene Corp. She also has a curated gift box company called Honey Door Co. They live in Dogtown with their pup, Kona.

ceremonies | St. Anselm Catholic Church and the Ahlering home
reception | Ahlering home
gown | Madison James
cake | Sarah’s Cake Shop
florist | Roses & Mint
music | Millennium Productions
honeymoon | Maui and Kona, Hawaii

wedding party
maids of honor | Chloe Caswell, Stav Cullum
bridesmaids | Kara Ahlering, Hillary Cyphers, Slone Dobyns, Mairin Freese, Sarah Hoffman, Melissa Shultz
best man | Nate Townsend
groomsmen | Andy Ahlering, Nick Ahlering, Connor Cervantes, Tommy Drier, Clyde Jeffers, Max Mahaney
bride’s parents | Rahav & Sigal Dor of Dallas
groom’s parents | Dr. George & Julie Ahlering of St. Louis