With the new year approaching, it’s the perfect time to reflect on wellness and the role it plays in your daily life. Whether you have an existing medical condition or are looking to implement beneficial lifestyle changes, PALM Health is here to help. Founded by cardiologist Dr. Lauren Dal Farra, the innovative concierge medicine and wellness company is dedicated to empowering the community through transformative health care, allowing people to feel their best in both mind and body.

Dal Farra first came up with the idea that would grow into PALM Health as a medical student and continued to develop it throughout her training. During her cardiology fellowship, she witnessed firsthand the disparity between people’s health care goals and their access to the tools to achieve them. “I wanted to create a model that united research, experts and resources in one place to empower people to develop and sustain optimal health in their day-to-day lives,” she explains. “There is so much conflicting information about wellness—including sources with questionable reliability. My passion became providing access to high-quality providers, services and products that people can trust.”

PALM Health offers an innovative approach to concierge medicine. Instead of a limited focus on medication and procedures to treat symptoms and diseases, its primary care physicians are not only traditionally trained but also experts in functional and integrative medicine. According to Dal Farra, this expanded expertise allows for a more holistic approach. “Our doctors dedicate time to uncovering potential risk factors and the underlying causes of diseases, considering aspects such as genetics, environmental factors, nutritional deficiencies, stress and more,” she explains. “We create all-encompassing wellness plans that blend various therapies and personalized lifestyle recommendations alongside conventional medical treatments to both prevent and treat illnesses. We take concierge medicine to the next level.”

Another benefit that sets PALM Health apart are the resources it brings together under one roof. Along with primary medical care, it offers fitness, nutrition, chiropractic care, counseling and medical spa services, and patients have access to a wide range of programs and amenities, including its healthy cafe. “It’s frustrating to manage your own care across different providers and locations, having to go from one place to another to work on fitness, nutrition, stress management and medical care,” Dal Farra notes. “We remove these obstacles and offer convenient access to experts in medicine and wellness. Our clients range from healthy individuals who want to feel their best on a daily basis to those dealing with chronic health issues. Thanks to our integrative approach, we can meet people wherever they are on the health spectrum.”

At its core, PALM Health is as dedicated to making wellness just as personalized as it makes it accessible. When someone starts a membership, they meet with a navigator who helps guide them toward achieving their unique goals. “Our navigators are pivotal in understanding each individual and helping them find the most suitable membership program and, if needed, the appropriate doctor,” Dal Farra says. “This approach ensures that our care is not just professional, but also deeply personal and responsive. At PALM, real human connection is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to create a caring, collaborative and inspiring culture.”

PALM Health in Ladue is an innovative concierge medicine and wellness company that empowers people to transform their health and feel their best in mind and body. Pictured on the cover: Dr. Henri Roca, Dr. Sita Kedia, Dr. Jane Gelfand, Dr. Lauren Dal Farra, Dr. Scott Jamison, Dr. Catherine Hohn. For more information, call 314.801.8898 or visit palmhealth.com.

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