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Interior Design Trends of 2021

Who wants a refresh? If we took anything from 2020, it’s that home is more important than ever. These cozy, warm, welcoming trends are exactly what 2021 needs to revitalize our houses and our spirits. Let’s dive in!

No. 1: Rich Colors on the Walls
In recent years, we’ve noticed a gentle shift to a sweet saturation of color on walls, cabinets and furniture. While this transition has come slowly, it is gaining momentum, especially when white walls became a little monotonous during lockdown. And subtlety? We don’t know her. Tones like rich turquoise, oxblood and olive are making a splash and bringing moody, mature vibes to all kinds of spaces. Are you ready for a transformation? Those white walls are the perfect canvas for an exciting new color story.

No. 2: Art & Crafts Style Revival
Time for a history lesson. Don’t worry, you won’t be graded. We’re taking it back to the 1880s when industry was booming and folks were less than satisfied with the manufactured quality of their lives. In order to combat this ‘novelty without beauty,’ designers took it upon themselves to create styles that were made with care. Out of this ingenuity came beautiful wallpapers, custom upholstery, and an appreciation for craft. It’s been 100 years since the Arts & Crafts movement ended, but it’s making a resurgence and we couldn’t be happier. Beautiful floral motifs are returning to walls and customizing upholstery has never been easier! This revival is all about lush patterns and playful color, so get out there and play with your home design! 

No. 3: Comfy, Cozy, Cloud Furniture
We’ve all dreamt of relaxing on a cloud. Make your dreams a reality with a luxurious cloud sofa. These ultra comfy couches and sectionals are the perfect places to unwind. Their unstructured nature creates an informal atmosphere while also providing modern style without edges. Bigger cushions make it easier to cuddle up, and the plethora of pillows are impossible to resist. If you happen to fall into an accidental siesta, we won’t blame you a bit. 

No. 4: Mauve, Purple & Brown Tones
If rich colors on the walls struck a chord with you, let us introduce you to the color family we know will be leading the way. Warm mauves, purples and browns are returning to homes in an elegant way. Color theorists suggest that these tones can help inspire, calm and provide a sense of security in your home. With that in mind, pair these colors with natural wood tones and neutral colors to bring a grounded, earthy sense into the space. 

No. 5: Custom Millwork & Trim
Custom millwork is a trend as old as interior design itself. This classic feature might seem a little too traditional for some, but with the right touches, it can be modernized. 

No. 6: A Forest of Wood Tones
We’ve noticed a theme in this year’s trends: Soft, desaturated tones are fading away, and luscious color is making its way back into homes. That includes gorgeously stained woods ranging from warm and rich to deep and moody. When paired with a clean white space, all the drama is centered on those gorgeous natural wood tones. Or, factor in a rich color on the walls or similar woods around the room for a more library-esque vibe. 

No. 7: Creating a Comfortable Space You Love
While creating a comfortable space might seem like a no-brainer, at some point in 2020, we all realized just how valuable a comfortable home truly can be. Style gave way to intention, replacing pretty tchotchkes with more useful or meaningful pieces, and trading stiff old armchairs for luxurious chaises. Our favorite comfortable home hack? Swapping your old coffee table for something upholstered or a structured ottoman. You won’t lose an ounce of style, but you’ll gain a footrest and a pretty new textural accent. For more intimate dining moments, banquettes are the perfect place to snuggle up with your latest tasty creation and your favorite sous chef. 

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