Just Not Our Style

Dear Homework,

We bought our home about a year ago because it has a great floor plan on the main floor, but the outside has zero curb appeal! We’ve tried to improve it by removing overgrown landscaping in the front yard and a sidewalk to the street.

We don’t love the home’s Art Deco style because it just seems tired. The bow front window feels like it needs something more than a flat roof, and the curved dormer windows and trim style are dated. The gray brick with yellowing cream trim and white-sealed concrete driveway and front walk certainly don’t help!

The only thing we like is the front door, but we wish it had some windows to let light into the foyer. I know there is a way to make our house shine, but we’re lacking a vision and are overwhelmed with where to start!

—Just Not Our Style

Dear Just Not Our Style,

Well, I like a lot more about your house than you do, but I have a soft spot for this era of architecture. Since you don’t really like anything about the appearance of your house, let’s completely transform all aspects of it.

To start with, put a roof over the curved bow window. I would use a variegated, architectural asphalt shingle here and over the entire roof. Note that the thick parapet wall above the curved windows has been slimmed down. The two dormers receive new hipped roofs.

Next, use more of the stone seen on the curved bay in other areas of the composition. Stone walls at the new parking area and entry court and a stone veneer on the chimney give the façade charming details and texture. Currently, the windows only have horizontal divisions. I show adding one vertical mullion and painting them all dark brown. I have added a window to the front door and lowered the ones in the garage.

The landscape is kept simple and bold; combined with the other changes, it gives the property a more current feel. Thanks for asking,

Homework is penned by Paul Doerner, founding partner of The Lawrence Group. If you would like your home critiqued, contact us at homework@townandstyle.com.