Let's Get Real

Let’s Get Real: Alex Thornhill

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Are you a native St. Louisan?
I’m originally from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. I moved to St. Louis in 2007 with my husband, who was born and raised here.

What are some of the best things about living here?
I love all the different communities. We have vibrant urban areas and neighborhoods with quaint, small town charm. The wide range of architecture gives each one its own unique flavor.

If you could have your dream home, where would it be, and what would it look like?
I’m so blessed to say I already live in my dream home. When I found it, it was in a state of disrepair—you could barely see the house from the street because the yard was so overgrown, and it had wall-to-wall, baby blue shag carpeting! Many people would have run the opposite direction, but I fell in love with its bones. It will take us years to fully restore, but it’s a labor of love.

What is your favorite room in your house?
My living room. It has oversized windows overlooking the yard and a large stone fireplace. It’s the most peaceful spot in the whole house.

Where do you like to vacation?
For me, vacations are less about place and more about people. If I can have quality time with my friends and family, then I’m happy regardless of where I am. I’m an Aquarius and I grew up near water, so naturally, I gravitate toward it. If there’s a beach, ocean or lake nearby, then I’m in my element.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?
One of my favorite things is to get up early on the weekends and go for a long walk with my husband. It’s our time to catch up, and a nice way to start the day. I’m also a ‘project person,’ so I thrive on my neverending to-do list. We always have a house or landscape project in the works, whether it’s staining baseboards, installing new patio pavers or organizing the pantry. It’s a constant work in pr

If this weren’t your profession, what else might you have done?
Honestly, I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’ve always been a real estate junkie. I love what I do and hope that my passion shows in my work. I’m very hands-on with my clients, and my biggest reward comes from helping them achieve their own version of homeowner success.

What’s your favorite movie/book?
It’s impossible to choose. I’m an avid reader. I have stacks of books everywhere—in my office, on windowsills, on my bedside table. Some (like my husband!) might call it hoarding.