Even for the most experienced professionals, the current real estate market is unlike anything seen in previous years. “The real question is what hasn’t been altered about the real estate landscape in the last 24 months,” notes Amanda Alejandro, president and owner of Realty Shop STL. “Everything from seller and buyer services down to documentation has changed. Coming out of the pandemic, we’re still dealing with inventory issues and unprecedented demand regardless of inflation and interest rates.” With more than 15 years of residential real estate experience, she brings her expertise to the Creve Coeur-based brokerage, which helps clients navigate every step of the home buying and selling process.

While Realty Shop STL is a boutique brokerage, Alejandro notes the term doesn’t mean the firm should be perceived as small or limited. Alongside Jay Steinback, she founded Vue Enterprises in 2018 to offer for both buyers and sellers access to all necessary services without having to visit multiple providers. “Since our inception, we’ve seen changes on the horizon for the real estate market,” she says. “Most people don’t know all their options when buying or selling a home. We offer transparent communication and the freedom to choose, so you can get the terms that work best for you.”

Diversity is the name of the game at Realty Shop STL. Its ventures have grown to address all aspects of the real estate landscape, including luxury properties, new construction, relocation services and more, and Vue Enterprises has its own title and mortgage companies that operate out of the same building for the best consumer experience possible. “Our approach is not one-size-fits-all—we tailor everything to meet your specific goals,” Steinback explains. “We’re a one-stop shop for everything real estate related. Because of the synergy between all these different components, we offer clients not only expertise in the market, but an ease of experience across the board. It’s a more efficient process, and you only pay for what you need.”

With today’s volatile market, it’s more important than ever that both buyers and sellers find a trusted, experienced agent that they can work with. “The industry is changing a lot, and sellers need to be asking how they should market their homes to get the best terms and net,” Alejandro notes. “Buyers are having an especially difficult time. Inventory is low, but we are not seeing any diminishing demand. It’s very important that they work with a professional who is going to be an advocate for them, so they can meet their goals on their timeline.”

According to Alejandro, it’s important that both buyers and sellers understand their own limited grasp of the market. She suggests starting conversations with real estate professionals as soon as possible. “A home is the largest asset most people will own in their lifetime, and an experienced agent is needed to educate and advise both buyers and sellers on their journey,” she says. “Start interviewing early and don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is no one way to buy or sell real estate. You may not need to take a traditional approach. At Realty Shop STL, our services are designed with the individual customer first in mind.”

Realty Shop STL, a division of Vue Enterprises, is a full-service, Creve Coeur-based real estate brokerage that provides turnkey client services. Pictured on the cover: Ryan Hoffman, Haley Berry, Amanda Alejandro, Alena Hartwell, Jessica Settlemoir, Alexia McGhee. For more information, call 314.372.0324 or visit realtyshopstl.com.

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Pictured at top: President and owner Amanda Alejandro
Photo courtesy of Realty Shop STL