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Move Over, Marble!

Marble countertops are beautiful and timeless, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. Don’t get us wrong, we love marble, but there are so many incredible alternatives that we couldn’t help but round up some of our favorites!

» No. 1 | Quartzite
It looks and feels like marble but is more durable, like granite. There is a lot of confusion surrounding quartzite, and for good reason. True quartzite is a natural stone and looks very similar to marble, but it is less susceptible to staining and scratches. The problem today is many fabricators or stone suppliers are labeling stone as quartzite, but the properties of the stone are more in line with marble.

» No. 2 | Terrazzo
This speckled beauty is completely customizable and engineered to withstand years of use. It also tends to be environmentally friendly as the glass and chips included in this man-made material are recycled. While terrazzo has been around for quite a while, it has started popping up more and more as a modern alternative to stone countertops.

» No. 3 | Soapstone
Named for its soft-to-the-touch feel, the nonporous surface of soapstone makes it resistant to bacteria, so cleaning is a breeze. You can skip harsh chemicals and instead opt for more environmentally friendly soap and water. Due to its soft nature, soapstone is more prone to nicks and scratches, but these easily can be repaired with a bit of sandpaper.

» No. 4 | Quartz
If you love marble but want a tougher alternative, quartz is the way to go. It’s another man-made creation, but unlike terrazzo, quartz can pass as real stone. Available in tons of different colors and styles, it can mimic the look of marble without being too obvious. Quartz is nonporous and stain-resistant, so it’s perfect for a busy family.

» No. 5 | Concrete
Concrete countertops bring an industrial vibe to a space. They are customized for your space and can be poured elsewhere or directly in your home. They are tough but not resistant to damage. Since they are extremely porous, they will stain easily if not properly sealed and maintained.

» No. 6 | Butcher Block
Butcher blocks bring a beautiful, natural touch to any kitchen. They are perfect for those who want to skip the cutting board because the wood’s soft surface won’t damage knives. Blades can damage the countertop, though. With a little bit of sanding and a good finishing oil, these countertops are built to last.

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