My Messy Mom Life

My Messy Mom Life: 1.20.21

Now is the time of year when the world refocuses. We write down our goals, promise to do better, ban ourselves from indulging and set our intentions high.

I fall somewhere in the middle of putting all my eggs in a basket of lofty goals that may or may not get accomplished and adopting the mindset to just let be what will be without immense pressure. One thing I know to be true, however, is that if I don’t have something to work toward, I most likely will wander aimlessly. 

There’s a proverb that states, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” And when I think about it, I have felt like I’m perishing, that feeling of not knowing which direction I’m going or not having anyone measuring my growth or accomplishments.

I decided that this year, I want to be a cheerleader for my kids and encourage them to also set their own intentions and goals. I want them to partake in the practice of working toward a goal and feeling the deep sense of joy when it is met.

I have talked about printables from before, but the 2021 New Year Kit PDF is a must. I loved going through the simple steps they created for kids to practice creating goals that include important stuff like acts of kindness, setting boundaries, tracking screen time and creating bucket lists for the whole family.

It’s $12.95 to print from the website, and I picked up binders, stickers, and sparkly pens at the Dollar Tree to go with it. We have decided to keep our goal binders on the counter with our chore charts and gratitude journals inside.

I am hoping this will feed my kids’ quest to grow, explore and boost their confidence, and it also will help me be a mom who focuses on the good in them.

I believe goals should always fuel positive feelings, not create pressure to perform, and this print out does just that. In fact, I may fill one out for myself because moms need daily affirmations, too!

Let me know if you decide to do it with your kids, and tag me at @_katelynyoung_ on Instagram.

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