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My Messy Mom Life: 11.6.19

‘Tis the season for a million and one holiday parties. Are you ready? More importantly, is your closet ready? Gearing up for back-to-back events can be a challenge even for the most seasoned fashionista. Insert in-store personal shoppers aka ‘the elves of style.’ Forget what you’ve heard (or thought) about them. They don’t force you to buy things you hate, you don’t have to spend a certain amount, and they don’t cost extra money.

Everyone can work with a personal shopper, even on a budget. They actually may help you make choices that end up saving you money. Plus, you get the utmost care and attention as they learn your style and needs. I have some insider perspective on this because both of my sisters are personal shoppers. They weighed in on some really great tips for using a little help to get glam this holiday season.

Go with specifics in mind. Do you need one outfit for an event or pieces to mix? Do you need dressy tops, or have you been desperately searching for the perfect pair of jeans? Are you looking for someone to tell you the types of fits that are most flattering? Do you need help with color? Personal shoppers are experts on all of these things! You may even have a Pinterest board of the look you have been dreaming of achieving … bring it in. This will help them zero in on the perfect items for you.
Mention your pain points. I mean this on every level. If certain colors or fabrics scare you, if you don’t love the way clothes normally fit or if you feel insecure about an area, mention it to your stylist! Also tell them what you currently don’t love about your closet. They can solve all of these problems.
Give a budget up front. As I said earlier, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to qualify to work with someone in a store. They are excited to build a lasting relationship with you so you come back. Just mention what you want to spend so they can show you appropriate options.
You can work with a personal shopper/stylist virtually. Your stylist can pin things for you to approve or disapprove before a session. They also can work with you via Facetime or text pictures if you have no time to stop in. Remember that things can be shipped to you and returned if they don’t work.
It goes beyond clothes. After a session, my sisters often take clients down for makeup assistance to ensure they find the right palette to make them look even better in their new clothes. This is a perk of department stores. You just might need new eye shadow to make that purple dress pop!
Get it tailored to perfection. The majority of large stores offer in-house tailoring. You can buy the most fabulous dress on the rack, but if it doesn’t fit right, who cares? Most personal shoppers will help you find the right undergarments and will call up a tailor to nip and tuck if necessary.

If you are looking to follow more personal shoppers outside of department stores, check out these accounts: @ahstyling, @lauraksawyier, @meganlperry, @mindfulcloset.

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