My Messy Mom Life

My Messy Mom Life: 7.15.20

I’ve missed you all! What a whirlwind couple of months. While it hasn’t been easy on anyone, parents trying to work from home and hold the house together probably have it the toughest. I wanted to take time this month to highlight words of wisdom from some mom superheroes who are running businesses and raising babies during a pandemic.

How has the coronavirus affected business?
In some areas, it has slowed, but it’s picked up in others! One of the very first items we sold when we started our shop in 2012 was a wooden iPad stand. Over the years, sales of that item slowed down but have increased dramatically recently due to all of the video conferencing during the pandemic! As a small business owner, you always have to be flexible and willing to pivot as the market changes. 

Liz Rotz 
Co-owner of BTR Woodworks and
family blogger at 

What have you learned?
I feel stronger and like I know so much more about myself. It’s hard to live in uncertainty. I’ve learned to accept so many things about myself, my life and being a mom. Before all this, I was comparing myself to how others did it all. I’ve spent more time praying and really keeping my eyes and ears open for answers. I realize that pre-pandemic, I busied myself through life, work and being a mom. Today, I recognize that pausing to take a breath can be life giving, relieve anxiety and help my relationships. I needed this reminder and am thankful for it.

Paola Miget
Author of The Big Book of Gluten Free Baking
and creator of

What are your tips for working at home with kids?
It’s easy to beat yourself up—which I definitely did in the beginning—but what’s the point? The best thing that I found was an online Facebook group called Miss Megan’s Camp Kindergarten. It’s run by a teacher in the Chicago area who would record “morning meetings” every day during the quarantine. I’m telling you this woman is a true hero. Her daily live stream videos gave us a sense of structure and normalcy and made it so I could have some time to catch up on work.  

Lisa Dolan
Owner of Lark Skin Co. 

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Pictured at top: Liz Rotz and her family