My Messy Mom Life

My Messy Mom Life: 9.9.20

For the last five-plus years, I have spent too much time on my phone (i.e., social media). We all have, and COVID probably has made it worse. Being a mom of little kids can get intense. We need an outlet, a little “me time.” The problem is that too many of us take “me time” in the form of scrolling through our devices—this isn’t recharging us and, in fact, leaves us depleted and mentally exhausted.

I have been making a bigger effort to take time off of my phone throughout the day for a lot of reasons. Here are a few that may inspire you, too:

Rediscover Your Passion
Social media may be a great place to share your passion with the world, but unless it’s a business, it is not something to devote your sacred personal time to. How can you really be discovering the things that set your soul on fire if you are constantly absorbing everyone else’s passion? Take time in silence, grab a journal, lay on the floor and listen to your favorite record from high school without a phone in your hand. Some things that have been hidden deep within you may be ignited. Your 20 minutes of “me time” will leave you significantly more full than scrolling.

Avoid Narcissism 
The weird thing about social media is that although we are consuming information about other people, it makes us insanely self-absorbed. “So-and-so is hanging out with that person; why wasn’t I invited?” “Their house is cooler than mine.” “That mom does more fun stuff with her kids than I do.” “That couple gets to go on way more romantic getaways then we do” … shoots an angry glance in husband’s direction.

The list goes on and on. Social media constantly points out what we don’t have. When we stop comparing and focus on the blessings we do have, we naturally become more aware of people around us and how we can help meet their needs.

Live Better and Deepen Your Connections
One time I broke my phone and didn’t get a loaner for 48 hours. I vividly remember how much easier it was to focus on conversations with my husband and kids without a constant distraction. The feeling of being completely in the moment is so fulfilling and something I want to keep chasing. Even in the chaos of 2020, we have an amazing world in front of us that is worth so much more than the one on our screens. There have been studies that show that people without phones near them are better at noticing emotional cues, making them more empathetic to others and allowing for deeper connections. Deeper connections with those we love are proven to make us happier and more at peace.

Not all screen time is bad, but I personally think we need less of it. We are not robots, and like Curt Steinhorst says, our brains are not made to consume the infinite amount of information that is available to us in our phones. We have to choose what we pay attention to and where we spend our precious time, especially when it comes to recharging and protecting our mental health.

For practical tips on how to cut down phone time, read the full article on my blog

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