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Off the Cuff with Claiborne: 10.20.21

With each Off the Cuff, we try to share some insight into notable people who have made their mark on St. Louis, but unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to include it all. So this issue, we’ve decided to share some of the awesome answers that we couldn’t the first time around.

jack flaherty
What are three common fashion disasters?
The way stuff fits. You could have a really nice suit, and I could have a $100 one, but if my fit is better than yours, everybody is going to ask where I got mine and wonder what you’re thinking. Another one is the wrong shoes. Everybody’s different though. I see some guys wearing stuff that looks good on them. Then, I put it on, and I can’t wear it. It’s just not me. The other mistake would be trying too much—too many accessories, too much layering, too much trying to fit a style or trend instead of being yourself. Fashion is trendy, and things go in and out. If you play to a trend, you get away from being yourself. You stop looking like you.

danny meyer
If you weren’t a restaurateur, you’d want to be what?
I’d want to be Mike Claiborne. You’ve got a great job. I just love sports, and you get to know the athletes and have a rapport with the fans. You get to follow your passion. And it keeps you young; it taps into something you loved as a kid.

orlando pace
You had the chance to live anywhere in the country. Why did you choose St. Louis?
My kids already were embedded in the community and had a ton of friends here. I always think of things with the end in mind. The Rams were here when I retired, so it helped with my transition. It was an easy decision. St. Louis is a great place to raise a family.

john mozeliak 
What other sports or activities do you follow and participate in?
I consider myself an avid golfer when I have time, and on weekends, I tune into the Golf Channel. That’s about it for going out of my way to watch something that is not baseball. There is so much time spent at the ballpark, traveling and at games. When I’m at home, I try to be more of a husband and father than focused on going to or watching the next sporting event.

tony pietoso
If someone has never been to Cape Napoli, what should they expect?
Service, service and more service. Good food and service are an outstanding combination. I always want to personally meet the people who come in. Every time we have new customers, I go over to introduce myself. I ask them what they like to eat and then give my personal recommendations for what I think will make them happy. It never fails.


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