In St. Louis, the Sansone name is synonymous with business success, philanthropic endeavors and global engagement. Anthony Sansone Jr. has been working to build on the legacy started by his father to create a brighter future for his children and grandchildren. We caught up with Sansone to learn more about what St. Louis means to him and how family drives him.

When it comes to success, where does your drive come from?
My father did whatever he had to do to achieve the best results possible. I remember in the fourth grade, I would go from school to be tutored by the Loretto nuns in Webster Groves. He would pick me up and hustle me over there so I could make my three o’clock appointment. He would be dressed in his business garb and be doing work in the car while he’d wait for me. But he was never too consumed by work to not ask me how things went, what I learned, what books I was reading, things of that sort. That level of achievement was very important to dad, but not only did he speak it, he acted it. I don’t want to omit my mother—she was just as much an influence as dad was.

What do you still enjoy about business that others might take for granted?
I love the competitive nature and challenge of business. I like figuring out the problems, and I like to be in the throes of complexities, issues that you can’t figure out just because you want to—you have to really think, be reflective and surround yourself with the right people.

What advice did your father give you that you have tried to pass on to your kids?
My father always said in business, all you have is the value of your name. Should you do anything to tarnish that name, it may hurt you, but it will hurt your legacy more. That lives with me every single day. I don’t think so much about what I am achieving as I do my legacy and how it may affect my grandchildren.

You’ve seen a lot of the world. What are your favorite places to visit for fun and for business?
Any place with sand and water is a favorite place for me. I guess my favorite of all time would be a little spot I go to in Sicily. For business, New York. I like the action. You’re always in the throes of it—you never know what you’re going to get day to day.

What is the one thing that every guy should have in their closet?
A good pair of shoes and a good belt.

Are you trendy or traditional?

A weeks’ worth of dinners in St. Louis will find you where?
Café Napoli, Tony’s, Frazer’s, Mai Lee, Napoli by the Sea

One item on your bucket list that still needs to be checked.
I need to go to Australia.

What is one thing people don’t know about Tony Sansone?
I put on a different exterior, but I’m highly sensitive to criticism.

Why St. Louis for you?
Family. As dad would say, this is where we made our bones. St. Louis has been good to us. It’s a great place to