gary “dee dee” james | where do you shop for your on- and off-stage attire?
I’ve had a lot of my clothes for years. I’m a guy who is still wearing bell bottoms. I’ll have things made and get some items at Bespoke. I don’t like stuff that looks like what you see every day on the street. I’ve always been kind of different. I actually buy women’s clothes off the rack when I can find stuff that fits me.

rene knott
What is your signature style?
I enjoy wearing a patterned or plaid jacket and slacks that are solid. I love a white shirt because it’s crisp and clean and any tie goes with it. I’m not a guy who likes to wear suits; there’s more versatility with a jacket and a pair of pants. I love mixing up the shoes; I’ve got a pretty decent collection now, and a lot of ties, though I’ve kind of slowed down on them lately because some of them can be a little too bold. I’d rather have the jacket play the bold part.

john mozeliak
The bow tie: Why and when did you wear your first one?
I probably got my first bow tie back in the ’80s or early ’90s, but I’ve been wearing one consistently for close to 20 years. Whenever I have a public appearance and don’t have a bow tie on, people heckle me. I remember the first few times I tried to tie one, it was a disaster. A clip-on? Never!

michelle smallmon
Who is the best-dressed in local media now?
You’d definitely take the top spot on the podium. I also am constantly complimenting Erica Weston on her outfits, and Brad Thompson at 101 ESPN has stepped up his style. Finally, I’m going to say Rick Hummel. I love a signature item, and what is more iconic in St. Louis media than Rick Hummel and his hat?

You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing what?
Crocs. I know a lot of people like them because they’re comfortable, but no one has ever said, “Those Crocs look amazing!”

jack flaherty
What are three common fashion disasters?
The way stuff fits. You could have a really nice suit, and I could have a $100 one, but if my fit is better than yours, everybody is going to ask where I got mine and wonder what you’re thinking. Another one is the wrong shoes. Everybody’s different though. I see some guys wearing stuff that looks good on them. Then, I put it on, and I can’t wear it. It’s just not me. The other mistake would be trying too much—too many accessories, too much layering, too much trying to fit a style or trend instead of being yourself. Fashion is trendy, and things go in and out. If you play to a trend, you get away from being yourself. You stop looking like you.