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Scout & Nimble: Classic Blue

Every year, the masters at Pantone announce the color they believe reflects the tone of the coming months. For 2020, they’ve chosen Classic Blue, a hue that calms the mind and anchors us in the new decade.

In years past, Pantone has chosen brighter, more eccentric colors like last year’s Living Coral or 2018’s Ultra Violet. While these shades were exciting and fun to see used in moderation, the 2020 choice is undeniably easy to implement in any space.

Classic Blue is aptly named as a strong, true blue that translates beautifully in any design style. It pairs perfectly with traditional, transitional and modern spaces because it is so versatile and complementary to other colors. You really can’t go wrong! We are loving this gorgeous shade and have rounded up some of our favorite examples of this beautiful blue being used in amazing ways.

Seating » Not interested in breaking out the paint brushes and tarps? Transform your space with Classic Blue furniture. Just one statement piece can elevate your room to a stylish haven. Don’t be afraid to mix blue tones, either!

Perfect Pops » Whether it’s on an accent piece or coating an entire wall, Classic Blue makes an impact no matter how it’s used. We’re seriously in love with it on shelves and cabinetry. It’s an exciting departure from classic white and can bring more moody vibes to the space. For the perfect pop of color, introduce new pillows or a styling piece to your space. Smaller touches like these help you stay on trend and on budget.

The Base of Your Space » A color this rich and strong can be the perfect anchor to your room. Luckily, some of our favorite rugs are available in gorgeous blue hues. Incorporate one in a neutral living space.

Lighting » Illuminate your space with beautiful lamps and pendants in the bold shade. Light features add the perfect touch of blue without being overwhelming. We especially love blue pendants in an all-white kitchen.

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Designs by Meredith Heron, Trish Ireland Interiors and Scout & Nimble
Photos by Donna Griffith, Casey Dunn and Alyssa Rosenheck