Patty Unleashed

Patty Unleashed: 7.18.18

I’m not sure how many of you were fans of Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police on E! News, but I was. Each episode featured a segment called ‘B*tch Stole My Look.’ It was funny because it compared two celebs dressed nearly identically, and the panel of fashion experts (I use that term loosely) discussed who wore it best. I have stolen the phrase and use it on certain occasions.

When I open Town&Style, the first thing I do is look for my column. Yes, that sounds narcissistic or perhaps paranoid, but I just want to make sure I didn’t get cut. On one particular day—as I stared at my face and realized I needed a new photo because my hair is longer now and I think I might have lost some weight—I noticed there was an announcement of a new book by author Kendall Rose titled The Stepmoms’ Club. Wait, I used to work with a Kendall Rose. Certainly this couldn’t be her. Why, yes it was! And immediately, I could hear Joan Rivers in my ear saying, “B*tch stole my look.”

You see, I have been trying to write a book for well over a year. I have an outline. I have an editor and a publisher, but what I don’t have are any words to give to said editor or publisher because I can’t seem to write anything more than my 600-word columns. But here, someone I knew had written a book before me! I was supposed to be the ‘writer girl;’ she was supposed to be the ‘financial girl.’ (I hope the fans of RHONY get that reference.) So I called her up, asked her to meet for coffee and confronted her about stealing my idea. You know, because I am the only one in the greater St. Louis area allowed to contemplate writing a book.

Anyway, Kendall was a very good sport about my outrage and since she is a friend, it didn’t take me long to move past things and learn about the evolution of her book. When Kendall got married, she not only gained a husband, she also gained two stepchildren and went on to have another child. Somewhat spontaneously, she and a group of women—all stepmoms—started getting together once a month to talk about the issues they faced. To be fair, stepmoms often are seen as evil or even as home wreckers. Funny though, stepdads usually escape that label. One night as they were sitting together, they literally created a top 10 list of the things they wished they had known before they became stepmoms, things that would have made the transition easier for the entire family.

The book is a very quick read with lots of common sense, tons of real-life examples and a whole lot of honesty. Kendall has been on the road promoting it, talking to Charlie Brennan on the radio, doing a podcast with Jenny McCarthy and heading down to Florida for some TV appearances. I certainly would recommend it for anyone in the stepmom or stepdad situation.

So, Kendall stole my look, or rather my book. Actually, she didn’t, but I will say seeing her success has given me a kick in the pants to do something I myself have always wanted to do. Thanks Kendall!

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