Every year brings something new—or something old—to the interior design scene. As you get ready to embark on any project, it’s always good to know what trends are on the “outs” and embrace some new concepts. In this way, your home will retain its new, fresh feeling much longer into the future. Here are some of the 2024 trends that I think will take hold.

Clean lines with an unexpected bold element anchor are emblematic of Bold Minimalism—a newly invented term that I love.

Bouclé, a nubby, soft fabric reminiscent of stuffed animals, is making its way onto furniture.

Stenciled flooring is an oldie but goodie that is making its way back on the scene.

Brown hues in paints, woods and fabrics will be on the scene in 2024.

Moroccan Zellige tile is showing up everywhere. It is a handmade and natural feeling ceramic tile that often has an iridescent finish.

This kitchen represents many new elements: Gray counters, Zellige tile and mixed paint and wood cabinetry.

Fun is also in favor for 2024! Add a pop of your favorite bold color here and there just to make yourself smile.

According to experts, moody hues will be taking over baths, kitchens and interiors in general.

With the resurgence of wallpaper comes large wall murals—this one in a kitchen is particularly striking.

Wallpaper is still looming large, but the accent wall is on its way out and is being replaced by full room papering and faux textured papers.

Paint your ceilings in 2024. This small study or den is painted all one high gloss blue: ceiling, walls and trim.

Arches are making a comeback in the architectural world.

Natural wood has been making a comeback in kitchens. Combined with painted cabinetry, it is all the rage.